" I am personally a big fan of both physical real estate and virtual worlds. In this project you have the best of both worlds, a digital land on a physical map! This is something that everyone can easily understand and relate to. "

- Thibault Launay, CEO @ Exclusible

" Madalia represents an elegant convergence of the digital and physical, bringing together the cutting edge technology behind NFTs and the beauty of the island. I'm incredibly excited to see this unique project grow! "

- Jeremy Dalton, Global Metaverse Director @ PWC

"I Believe Madalia represents a unique approach to the Metaverse. An artistic vision, focused on people, with story-telling at its core and a with a genuine environmental awareness as a focal point."

- Nini Andrade Silva, Award Winning Designer

RECOGNIZED Virtual World.

Madalia bridges the Real and the Virtual worlds together over a story that spans thousands of years and that you can explore on your terms: either on your devices or with your own two feet!

The first environmentally focused virtual world that allows for real change through virtual action.

Go on an Adventure. Travel. Explore. Build. Live Madalia.




Our first Virtual Real Estate sale is now live! In partnership with EXCLUSIBLE we're selling the first 500 plots of land in Madalia and since Madalia includes a Digital Twin of Madeira Island, they all come with a Government Recognized permit for Virtual Construction of your plot meaning ONLY YOU can virtually build on that land.

More than that, since these first 500 plots exist within protected/green land that can never be built upon in the real world, your Virtual Builds will be the only "man-made" things available to explore on those places which will be made possible through our AR app.

Finally, to offset our Carbon Footprint, we'll be planting a tree for each NFT sale!