" Madalia represents an elegant convergence of the digital and physical, bringing together the cutting edge technology of the Blockchain and the beauty of the island. I'm incredibly excited to see this unique project grow! "

- Jeremy Dalton, Global Metaverse Director @ PWC

"I Believe Madalia represents a unique approach to the Metaverse. An artistic vision, focused on people, with story-telling at its core and a with a genuine environmental awareness as a focal point."

- Nini Andrade Silva, Award Winning Designer

" I am personally a big fan of both physical real estate and virtual worlds. In this project you have the best of both worlds, a digital land on a physical map! This is something that everyone can easily understand and relate to. "

- Thibault Launay, CEO @ Exclusible


A Platform built upon a foundation of XR, Blockchain & AI that is striving to be the Digital Protocol for Sustainability.

A Digital Infrastructure that adapts to your life, accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device, serving as your Gateway to the Metaverse and turning the erasure of our carbon footprint into a simple and entertaining experience.

An Operating System for the Metaverse providing all companies, organizations and creators an easy and sustainable pathway to deliver the Future of Entertainment.

Where Saving our Real World can be FUN, Shopping can be Carbon Neutral and Education can be an Unforgettable Experience.

Live Madalia. Save the World.


Madalia.World is a Platform created for humans, augmented with a Virtual World made for Digital Twins where virtual actions have real impact.

  • A One-line-of-code solution to make your website/app sustainable and allowing your users to decide how to Erase your Carbon Footprint.
  • The Only Metaverse Platform with Government Approval.
  • Made for Digital Twins – 750km2 of Madeira Island already available and working.
  • A Commitment to Sustainability fighting Climate Change through education, carbon capture and new technology.
  • A Platform made to host Thousands of People on the same virtual location simultaneously.
  • A Cross-Platform Toolset for B2B including AR & VR solutions that will work as the Gateway to Madalia.
  • A Trans-Media IP that glues everything together through the story of a long-lost time-travelling civilization.

MADALIA.WORLD is divided into 3 PILLARS:



encompasses our IP and its 18.000 YEARS OF STORIES to experience, as well as all the ways of exploring it, which right now is developing/pre-producing:

  • A one-of-a-kind IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE that lets you live a story instead of just watching it (the Future of Entertainment)
  • Our VIRTUAL WORLD and its exclusive gaming experiences
  • our high-end MULTIPLAYER VR EXPERIENCES @ our VRArcades.
  • A GRAPHIC NOVEL about the Origins of Madalia.
  • 8 episode season LIVE-ACTION SERIES with a streaming provider.



deals with our commitment to making VIRTUAL ACTIONS on the Metaverse have REAL IMPACT on our World which includes:

  • The MADALIA IMPACT PROTOCOL system which allows ALL USERS of apps "powered by Madalia" to ERASE THEIR CARBON FOOTPRINT
  • An EDUCATION PROGRAM with a "roadshow" for schools, to teach about Climate Change using Immersive Content
  • A GRANT SYSTEM for new technology that can help fight climate change or reduce the GREEN PREMIUM
  • A REFORESTATION / SEAGRASS PLANTING international project
  • An UNDERWATER EXPLORATION / MAPPING project for governments & research with the Cousteau Family.



develops tech with the purpose of getting as much people as possible to USE THE METAVERSE on their daily lives. It includes:

  • A Multiplayer solution for having THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE in the same VIRTUAL LOCATION on any device including VR
  • A platform for REAL-SIZE DIGITAL TWINS with thousands of Square Kilometres
  • Our AI IMPLEMENTATIONS for procedural and prompt-based generation of Immersive Content, Scenery and Props
  • Our MADALIA FILM TOOL that allows for Virtual Scouting of locations with realistic light, weather and physics simulations
  • Our integrated 3D VIZ, AR AND VR SOLUTIONS (VZLZAR & B0-R15) for Retail, Real-Estate, Entertainment, Tourism, Healthcare, Education etc...

or send us an e-mail at [email protected]